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Artist & Photographer. These days I'm dedicated to digital nature photography consisting of landscapes and macro of insects , though my roots are in film, and have always led a creative life growing up around culture rich people. My drawing was what originally brought me as for many years my outlet was linear black and white drawing and graffiti.

My landscapes are shot during my travels with my fiancee, though I specialize in macro ranging in the life size, and slightly beyond range (1:1- 4:1) of healthy arthropods. Most are in their natural habitat, though I do keep spiders now. I have a fond affinity for Salticidae (Jumping spiders), and dragonflies.



If you like spiders as well, I've gotten to know a Phidippus breeder who offers them up for sale via the internet. Phidippus are the larger, colorful species of jumpers found mainly in the southeast region of the United States. He is a pleasure to deal with, so if you like jumpers as well and think you may want a few to shoot or as pets you can find his site, called here:

check him out, it's well worth it.



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You can also find my work here..…


My Lady & Partner

Back From the Blue Ridge

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 9:00 AM

We ended our year with our second trip to the Blue Ridge mountain region in the past few months.  This time we were in northern South Carolina, basically tracking the north border and hitting locations along the way.  It was a strange time to be there, in the middle of winter, and the trees were quite bare though what life left was vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows, which made for some unique photographic endeavors.  The days leading up to the trip left me wary with the weather forecast looking dreary and overcast all through Georgia and into the Carolina's.  We toyed with the idea of heading further west to the Smokey's of Tennessee, but the night before departure we checked the forecast one last time and settled on SC.  

It was cold, but not too bad, so we managed a few very interesting mountain trails.  We scored the Ceaser Head overlook in completely surreal conditions, with light cloud cover in the mountains, a gap of clarity at the peak, and thick cover overhead.  Our first visit to the peak was unreal... mist and fog and clouds, but nice visibility nonetheless.  The second visit we got skunked with thick fog, though we managed some interesting perspectives of the mountain and trailheads.  The drive heading up and down that mountain is intense and fun, filled with steep grades and sharp curves, and pushing our 2014 import rental proved to be serious fun in itself.  But the second ascent was nearly disastrous, the GPS led us to a dirt road, and one grade was so rough and steep that I was unsure if the car would manage.  With some slow weaving I did make it up the single lane dirt incline, but had we gotten stuck I may not be typing these words right now because there were cliffs beside us that would have sent the car rolling down 3,000 feet to the bottom.  It was, undoubtedly, the most scared I've ever seen Anna, and there were moments when I was pushed to drive a car as creatively as I've ever had to.

We also visited the summit of Sassafras which was a bit of a bust to be blunt, we were in clouds so thick we couldn't see 100 ft in front of us, but that is a mountain I hope to revisit as a viewing tower is in the process of being built which will give a 360 degree perspective overlooking Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  Sassafras is one of the highest peaks in that region. 

Our last morning we woke up and checked out of the hotel, but wanted to search out some waterfalls before heading south, so with the help of a park ranger in NW SC we were directed out an incredible area which served up a great view of the SC mountains and several trails with hidden waterfalls.  We picked a trail, and after an easy hike ended up at one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever witnessed, with moss covered rocks and trees, and a massive waterfall placed dead smack in the middle of nowhere.  A hidden, desolate Eden of immeasurable serenity and beauty... one of those spots where a camera could never do it proper justice, but we timed exposures and fired off plenty of shots standing directly in front of the falls on the very rocks which the water cascaded over.  

To get an idea of the size of these falls, note Anna in the bottom left hand corner shooting them....

Closer we got to the falls the trees became encased in moss.

We arrived home late and beat, road weary and tired, but to unseasonably warm temperatures that were bordering on 75 degrees.  Driving through North Florida I started to notice consistent flashes of lightning.  Naturally in the back of my head, despite being absolutely strung out, I was hoping to arrive home with some of this rare winter heat lightning firing off in my neck of the woods.  Anna nearly collapsed when we got home, down for the count and under the covers in minutes, but as the flashes continued outside my window I gave her a kiss, grabbed the keys to the rental, drove to a spot overlooking the water, and at almost midnight found myself walking out onto a pier and watching an amazingly active display of heat lightning blast off over the water.  After shooting about an hour and getting some decent bolts, I finally packed up and headed home.

All in all it was amazing, and my respect and love for the Blue Ridge Mountains continues to grow.  I was captivated by the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, and intrigued by the backwoods of North Carolina Mountain life years ago.  But spending time hiking and shooting in this often overlooked region of the southernmost Blue Ridge proves that on the outskirts of the quiet mountain towns lies strange and desolate patches of wilderness that could captivate anyone with a thirst for natural beauty.     


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What a stunning gallery with the great variety of high quality images, particularly like the salticidae images.  :) (Smile) 
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Thanks very much!  Yeah, I love shooting jumpers.  :)
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You do have a very great gallery! Wonderful work! :):)
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