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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 5:57 PM

My job as an artist is to perpetuate the revolution of evolution and break it down and bring it back to the beginning and recreate the structure once again, time and time again, building it up and pushing it further with every cycle.  To see no scene the same, to produce the glory of nature in ways we imagine, to magnify the magnificent world beneath our feet.

All's left is to give them the urge, it's an atmosphere of make and take, inspire and catch fire, keeping current hot in the wire, stoking flames and tending to the fire.  

Without us, without those who create and progress, it's a cold and monotonous world of menial labor and maniacal prowess fueling power hungry monsters.  The world of business and numbers has been carefully crafted to melt the mind with it's monotony, to set the everyman into a trance of submission and into a cookie cutter role of serving the machine of system.  To be consumed with the world of war and work is a tragic existence, for with eyes blinded by such things suffering persists in a perpetual humdrum tone, always there, always in the background as the hands rotate around and the days disappear.

Lost in lethargic lulls of the same the clever recreates themselves just when the world thinks they know what's coming next.  The expected is the enemy and let's face it, a horse doesn't need to be beat very long before it's dead.
In a world high on image, stoned on themselves, the nameless and faceless plug along, doing the same thing they've been doing for centuries... moving humanity along, progressing in an ego-less manner, throwing paint at walls and paper, filling the air with sound, showing snippets of nature and humanity by way of photography, providing the comfort that only comes in the underground, harboring the quiet community of old.

You can stand and hear their philosophies of order and system and abide, rule, and conquer, or you can shy away from all of it and inhabit the darkness and act like it doesn't exist, but with all the people there will always be big problems.  A lack of intelligence leads those of dull reflex and dim mind to plan and prevail, to grow rich and fat with meat and money.  Never casting an eye inward, never knowing intellect or understanding empathy, only feeling the rodent's pull to rein in the dumpsters of this concrete disaster.  

Grown rats with nothing to do but race in the sun, same as it ever was.  It would be a depressing revelation if it weren't for the beat under their feet, if it weren't for the world we've created, underground.   


Due to things being a bit stagnant around here, I have not been posting all of my work here, but I've become more active on my tumblr account, and there instead of only seeing one shot you can see a selection of shots from my sessions.  

To keep up with my work visit or follow me there at tumblr

I've also started a Flickr, which can be found here flickr


My lovely lady's work, to see more visit


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:iconthumbsupplz: Faves!!

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Your work is absolutely breathtaking!
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terrific gallery
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om so sorry for blowing up your inbox!!!
i just couldnt help it, i love the spider pictures that you have!
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