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Drastic Measures and the Basic 3

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 7:33 AM

Intellectual supremacy is mastering the art of consciously separating impulse from 

Reactive hearts and pumping blood always end up underneath the reality of the situation, those who act rash are always overlooking what is happening in actuality and overshooting any reasonable end to a means.  You can drink emotion all night and end up with a pleasant warm buzz and sleep like a drunken idiot all night through, but one tall shot of impulse and your life can be ruined forever, left with eyes pointed inward in perpetual reflection of that sole big mistake, that one heated move that changed everything from that point on.

Doctors of the mind jacking cash and molding minds keep a shady presence in my subconscious.  I've had my head shrunk by more overpaid professionals and state employed armchair jockeys than anyone could imagine, and while it proves worthwhile to be put in check by a total stranger, I can only equate the possibility of starting a new relationship with a woman I have to pay so much money to - on a weekly basis, to that of some sort of weekend-warrior-mind-fuck-fetish that I just can not take on at the present time.  

You have the deep, of whom their whole lives continue to dive deeper, reaching new depths, discovering new things, pushing progress.  The vibrant people, the characters, the intrinsic and spontaneous these are the people who live off the cuff and spit quick with sharp tongues.  Then you have the shallow, who after years of wading in knee deep water eventually make it to where they can't touch anymore and there they decide to learn that one important move that so many adults have mastered, the dead man's float.  Fat and floating, with burnt skin they drift, they go to Hollywood and become the managers of the artists and freaks and models and actors and see if they can fuck the modern day Brooke Shields and just like in the song, they watch the money roll right in.  And on Sundays they go to church, fold their hands and pray for forgiveness, then go home and get drunk and practice their signature move in the pool all afternoon as their skin burns to a crisp and the ultraviolet rays penetrate their pores.

Then there are those who spend their time rounding the two corners and taking one hairpin turn and one clean 45 degree turn on a red track that pumps blood.  They run one race because to lock into something like love unlocks their doors of creativity and pulls them from the monotony of this mess and levitates them to their salient state of creativity and progression.  If I had to explain this to someone using these curves and straight lines we call words I would come up short, because what this is, and what this means transcends word and language and idea and thought, it's just so much bigger.  It's a feeling, a being, a movement...  it's a form of beauty, a brand of grace.  You can't claim ownership over this because what we have is something totally different than possession, it's more a mutual admiration, a common interest, a stare in the same direction, and a given in the simplest form of the expression.  In the midst of wars and death and disease and addiction and affliction this is the one state that prevails.  It's the only mask for pain and the only cure for the insane.. it's the only way out of the web, the only light filling the tunnels of the mind.


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